Presentations for Parents and Caregivers

Are you ready to laugh and learn together with other parents and teachers? Kathy's presentations are filled with ideas that can save your sanity and pave a path to a joyful family life.

These presentations are typically scheduled for 1 - 2 hours. Half day or full day presentations can be customized to meet your needs. A brochure about the parenting presentations is available to print. You can also view more information about what you'll learn in each presentation.

Kathy Slattengren
Kathy Slattengren

Kathy Slattengren, M. Ed., has helped thousands of parents, teachers and childcare providers from across the United States to Australia through her online classes, presentations, coaching and Raising Kids Who Blossom book. When your children’s behavior is really pushing your buttons, she will help you discover ways to set effective limits, invite cooperation and have a lot more fun together!

Presentations for Parents and Teachers

Anger and Consequences Versus Empathy and Solutions (Ages 3 - 18)
It’s natural to feel angry when children misbehave. However when we respond with harsh words and consequences, the children’s focus often turns to our response instead of their poor choices. We’ll look at why blame and shame don’t work well and how empathy can lead to solutions to children’s problems.
Bringing Out Their Best: Providing Guidance While Avoiding Pitfalls (Ages 3 - 18)
Your parenting approach can help bring out the best in your children. We'll look at different parenting styles along with benefits and drawbacks. We'll discuss matching our parenting to our children's growing needs.
Bullying and Kids: Strategies for Dealing with Bullying (Ages 6 - 15)
Bullying affects all children whether they are victims, bullies or onlookers. What is considered bullying? What can you do to help your children if they are being bullied? What if they are the bully? Discover answers to these questions and more! (Resources for Bullying and Kids)
Growing Your Preschooler’s Brain (Ages 1 - 5)
Your child's brain goes through major developmental changes in the first few years and you play a vital role in shaping that development! Find out how you can help your child develop the social skills, language skills and behavior traits that will lead to success in grade school.
Guiding Teens On the Bumpy Road to Independence (Ages 13 - 18)
How do you balance trying to keep teens safe while also allowing them increasing freedom? How do you deal with teen attitude? We’ll discuss helping our teens to grow into adults who can thrive on their own.
Handling Difficult Conversations Well (Ages 6 - 18)
How do you prepare for discussions where emotions are high, opinions differ and the stakes are important? Handling these situations well is challenging.  Knowing how to approach the conversation in a constructive way will improve the results.  We’ll explore ideas for clearly communicating, finding mutually acceptable decisions and responding if it starts getting off track.  (Resources for Difficult Conversations)
Helping Your Kids Succeed in School (Ages 5 - 18)
You want your kids to be successful in school but it's easy to do things that unintentionally do more harm than good. We'll explore how you can support your children's success while allowing them to have ownership.
"Stop Fighting!": Handling Conflicts Between Children (Ages 1 - 10)
When kids play together, there are bound to be conflicts. We'll discuss overcoming factors that contribute to poor behavior, setting limits, enforcing rules and guiding children to resolving their disputes.
Taking the Stress Out of Parenting (Ages 1 - 12)
When we handle parenting challenges in positive, effective ways, we build our relationships. We’ll discuss setting effective limits, using discipline which teaches, responding with empathy and avoiding arguments.
"Why Can't You Behave?" Ideas for Positively Handling Misbehavior (Ages 1 - 12)
It is critical to develop effective skills for responding to misbehavior. We'll talk about developmental challenges, setting a positive tone, strategies for handling misbehavior and setting firm limits in a kind way.

Presentations for Early Childhood Educators

Bullying and Young Children: Early Intervention Strategies (Ages 0 - 5)
The roots of bullying begin when children are young. What are the early warning signs? What can you do to help children who tend to bully or be bullied? Learn how to help young children develop their relationship skills in ways that reduce bullying or being bullied. (Resources for Bullying and Kids)
Improving Behavior By Improving Relationships (all ages)
All relationships experience conflict. How you handle conflict can build up or break down a relationship. Relationships that are strained or feel negative trigger poor behavior. In this workshop we'll explore how to positively build the relationships that influence what happens in your classroom.
Learning Through Experimenting for Young Children (Ages 1 - 5)
Babies and preschoolers are a lot like little scientists. They are excellent at creating a hypothesis and then testing it out against the evidence. They quickly learn from their experiments. Discover how you can harness their natural curiosity in ways that encourage them to experiment. Pick up ideas from researchers and other preschool teachers for creating environments that engage children in ways that lead to learning.
Responding in Healthy Ways to Kids' Challenging Behavior (Ages 1 - 8)
When young children have stressful home lives, their behavior often reflects that stress. Trying to eliminate the poor behavior without acknowledging the underlying issues does not work well. We’ll explore how to talk to kids about their strong feelings and give them better tools for expressing those feelings. We’ll also look at controlling our own anger so that we avoid blame, shame and harsh words. When we can respond from a place of empathy, we can guide children to finding better solutions to their problems.
Sharpening Young Kids' Self-Awareness Through Their Senses (Ages 3 - 8)
Young children are naturally curious about how their bodies work. You’ll learn to help them understand how their brains respond to stress and how to calm down. When you teach them to carefully observe what they are seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting or feeling, it increases their self-awareness and self-regulation. We'll explore fun ways to introduce children to being mindfully aware of their bodies and surroundings.
Talking to Parents About Your Concerns (Ages 0 - 12)
Talking to parents about concerns with their children can be touchy. How do you approach parents when you are worried about their child's behavior or development? How can you positively handle parents’ questioning their child’s experience in your classroom? We’ll explore how to navigate difficult conversations like these.

Calm, Confident Parenting 6-Week Class

If you'd like a more comprehensive parenting program, this 6-week class is a perfect choice. We'll explore ideas that can save your sanity and pave a path to a joyful family life.

Each week we will cover a new topicand you'll also have time to ask questions about specific challenges you are facing. You can read more about this 6-week parenting class and associated fees.

Presentation Fees

Presentations Within the Seattle Area for a Single School, Church, Company or Group
  • $500 (2 hours), $450 (1.5 hours), $400 (1 hour)
  • Additional travel fees: free if less than 10 miles from UW Bothell, 10 - 19 miles = $50, 20 - 29 = $75, 30 - 39 = $100 (contact for quote if more than 40 miles or requires ferry boat)

Sampling of a Presentation

Watch this video for a brief sample of what you can expect in one of Kathy's presentations.

Some of the Places Where Kathy Has Presented

  • Bertschi School, Seattle
  • Bright Horizons, multiple locations
  • Country Village Day School,Mercer Island
  • Crystal Springs Cooperative Preschool, Shoreline
  • French American School of Puget Sound,Mercer Island
  • Lake Washington School District, Redmond
  • Magnolia Co-op Preschool,Seattle
  • North City Cooperative Preschool, Shoreline
  • North Seattle Preschool Co-op, Seattle
  • University Preparatory Academy, Seattle
  • View Ridge Elementary, Seattle
  • Villa Academy, Seattle
    (more presentation locations)
Churches, Companies, Conferences
  • Auburn Youth Resources
  • Eastside Mothers of Multiples, Bellevue
  • Evergreen Hospital, Kirkland
  • King County Libraries
  • Mercy Housing, Kent, Lynnwood, Seattle
  • National Council on Family Relations, Orlando
  • Skagit Valley Connections Conference, Mount Vernon
  • Starbucks, Seattle
  • Washington Cathedral, Redmond
  • WAEYC Conference, Bellevue
  • Washington PTA Convention, Seatac
  • Willamalane Park and Recreation District, Springfield, OR
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Audience Members Rave!

“We were thrilled to have three times more parents attend our PTA meeting when we invited Kathy to give a presentation. It was a wonderful way to bring parents together to learn, share ideas and build our community.”
- Cheri Gail, John Stanford International School PTSA

“Thank you for sharing numerous practical ideas for responding to our children's misbehavior in ways that encourage cooperation – while also reducing our stress!”
- Eileen Gray, View Ridge Elementary PTA Chair, Seattle

“Thank YOU so much for coming! Your talk was chock full of extremely relevant example stories (we have those sand box conflicts happen just about EVERY DAY at school) and your "take home" tips were great. I've already starting working on the "you hit, you sit" one with my 2 year old. My 5 year old thought it was great...."Mommy! It rhymes!"
- Jane Chiodo, Crystal Springs Preschool Executive Board, Bothell

"I wanted to extend my personal thanks for a great presentation. It is such a huge topic, and one that warrants repetition. I loved your warm and friendly style and personal anecdotes, and how we had a mix of information, discussion time amongst the group, and a bit of role-playing."
- Barb Gauld, University Prep, Parent Education

"Kathy gives a fantastic, upbeat presentation that is engaging and full of good information and useful tips for dealing with problem behavior."
- Monica Sands, Children's Librarian, King County Libraries

“You are a superb resource for our community and please don’t hesitate to have anyone call me if they are in need of verification or more detailed information. I’d be happy to advocate for you on this special and very timely topic! Thanks again for a terrific presentation.”
- Steve Mezich, Principal, Samantha Smith Elementary School

If you are interested in booking Kathy for a speaking engagement, please call 1-425-770-1629 or email us .