Prenatal Classes and Resources

Having a baby changes your life forever. If this is your first child, you are giving birth both to your baby and to your new role as a parent. The resources on this page can help you prepare to welcome your baby.

Prenatal Class Videos

The videos below capture Holliday Tyson, a midwife, teaching a prenatal class. You'll learn what to expect as you move closer to going into labor, delivering your baby and caring for your newborn.

Welcoming Your Newborn

You know you are pregnant and that you'll be welcoming a baby into your life. Even though you know all this, the first few weeks after your baby is born can feel disorienting. During the birth process there are various people providing support. Then you are at home completely responsible for this tiny new life. Some of these feelings are shared in "Modeling Appreciation for The Gift".

Having a baby is entering into a life-long commitment. In many ways it is a bigger commitment than marriage. When you get married you exchange vows. These vows declare how you promise to show up for each other. What parenting vows are you making to your child? You can print out a copy of these parenting vows.

Caring for Your Newborn

Brain Injured By a Kiss

Watch the first few minutes to understand why kissing a baby can be detrimental to the baby's health.

Prenatal Books

Below are books about pregnancy that you many find helpful.


Parenting Class for Ages 0 to 5

Taking a parenting class while your child is still a baby is wise. This class will prepare you for many things like keeping your child safe, handling tantrums, communicating with your child and helping your child learn.

Click the picture to learn more about this online parenting class. You can sign up today and start learning!