Court Ordered Parenting Classes with Certificate of Completion

Are you looking for parenting classes to fulfill a court order? Our comprehensive, online parenting classes (ages 0-5, 6-12 and 13-18) are designed to meet legal requirements while providing valuable parenting insights. Completing the class will result in a certificate of completion for 8 hours in parenting. When you also answer the questions at the end of each lesson, you can show a judge what you learned.

Court orders are often used in child custody cases when parents cannot agree on how to raise their children. The judge will usually require both parents to take parenting classes before deciding whether to award joint legal custody or sole physical custody.

Mandatory parenting classes are also required by law in various circumstances. If you are adopting a child, fostering a child or going through a divorce, you may be mandated to take a parenting class. While many parents take the Priceless Parenting classes on their own to improve their parenting, others are inspired by a legal requirement.

Why Choose Priceless Parenting's Online Parenting Classes?

  • Accepted by courts across the United States and Australia
  • Designed by parenting experts
  • Accessible 24/7 from any device with an internet connection
  • Instantly downloadable certificate of completion upon finishing the course
  • Personalized, engaging, and easy-to-follow content
  • Testimonials from satisfied parents

Signing Up For Your Parenting Class

You can register for a parenting class and start immediately. Each lesson covers a few key parenting concepts using videos and narrated slides. You can go through all the lessons in about 8 hours. You decide how quickly you want to go through the lessons. Spreading the lessons out over a few weeks allows you time to try out the ideas from one lesson before going on to the next one.

There are homework questions at the end of each lesson. Completing these questions allow you to show a judge what you learned in the class.

These parenting classes incorporate the latest research in ways that touch both the head and the heart. The classes are designed for the ages of the children. You will find detailed information about the parenting classes on these pages (click the Buy Now button at the bottom of the class page to purchase it):

Online parenting class - ages 0 to 5

Online parenting class - ages 6 to 12

Online parenting class - ages 13 to 18

Complete the class, answer questions about what you learned and immediately receive your certificate.

5 gold stars "For any parents that are told or ordered to take a parenting class I hope that you will give Priceless Parenting a try. It has helped us in ways that we never thought about. Anyone can have kids but, to be a good parent and raise great kids you sometimes need some help and guidance. That is exactly what we have gained by taking this course. I only wish we would have taken it sooner. All parents ordered or not that wants to have a good relationship with your child owes it to themselves and their children to invest the time and the small cost in taking a Priceless Parenting class. If you want great ideas on how to deal with tough situations and everyday child raising look to this class to give you the skills and tools to succeed." - David, Olathe, KS

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Certificate of Completion

Upon completing the class, there will be a few questions to answer. These are open ended so there is no passing or failing. You will then have a certificate of completion for an 8 hour parenting class displayed on your screen. You can also request a PDF version of the certificate of completion.

certificate of completion

Understanding Your Court Order

You’ll want to do is understand exactly what will satisfy your parenting class requirement. Carefully review your court order to see if there are any specific instructors or agencies you need to use.

Parents from across the U.S. to Australia have taken Priceless Parenting’s online parenting classes to fulfill their court orders. However, each judge is different. You will want to verify with your lawyer or social worker that online classes are acceptable.

Priceless Parenting’s online parenting classes will result in a certificate of completion for an 8 hour class. There are homework questions at the end of each lesson. Completing the homework allows you to show what you learned from the class.

Video Overview of the Parenting Classes

Learn more by watching this video:

Money Back Guarantee

Courts across the United States to Australia have accepted these classes. However, since each court, judge and situation is different, you may want to print out information about these online parenting classes that you can give your legal representative for approval.

If for any reason this class is not accepted for a court requirement, we will refund your money with written proof of decline.
money back guarantee

As a social worker, judge or lawyer, how can I verify what someone has learned in the class?

Each class has homework at the end of every lesson. The homework questions are available to participants as either a Word document they can complete or a PDF they can print. You are welcome to review the homework questions for the classes:

Homework for Parenting Ages 0 - 5

Homework for Parenting Ages 6 - 12

Homework for Parenting Ages 13 - 18

If you have any questions, feel free to call 425-770-1629 or send us an email.