Priceless Parenting Online Class - Ages 13 to 18

Do you love your teens -
yet sometimes find their behavior irritating and inappropriate?

Priceless Parenting classes are grounded on decades of positive parenting experiences from real life situations and backed by the latest scientific research in child development. You will learn how to prepare your children to successfully launch as young adults.

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What will I learn in this parenting class?

Find answers to questions like:
  • “How should I respond when my teen is disrespectful?”

  • "My teens rarely get their chores done without being nagged. What can I do?"

  • “How can I get my teens to make better decisions?”

  • “How can I discipline without yelling?”

  • "Homework is such a battle with my kids. What should I do?"

  • "What limits should I be setting around my son's video game playing?"
You'll hear real life parenting problems and learn ways to solve those problems. Since one approach won't work for every child, you'll learn multiple ways to handle situations.

What You'll Receive:
  • 11 self-paced lessons
  • Ask the instructor questions through email or chat
  • Certificate of completion
  • 3 months of unlimited class access
  • Permission to share class with your partner
11 Lessons to Calm, Confident Parenting:

Lesson 1: Meeting Your Teen’s Developmental Needs and Preparing Them to Successfully Launch
Lesson 2: Stop Yelling, Start Empathizing
Lesson 3: Allowing Your Teens to Learn From Experience
Lesson 4: Guiding Your Teen's Behavior By Setting Appropriate Limits
Lesson 5: Responding to Your Teen's Mistakes with Discipline Rather Than Punishment
Lesson 6: Monitoring the High Risk Areas for Teens Like Connecting Online, Sex, Drugs, Drinking and Driving
Lesson 7: Turning Power Struggles into Mutual Agreements
Lesson 8: Finding Reasonable, Valuable Consequences for Teen's Misbehavior
Lesson 9: Resolving Continuing Problem Behavior
Lesson 10: Developing Responsibility Through Chores
Lesson 11: Being Your Best as a Parent and Raising Your Teens to Achieve Their Best

Read more about what is covered in each lesson.

What is this online parenting class really like? When can I start?

The class can be started immediately. Each lesson covers a few key parenting concepts using narrated slides. Some lessons also include videos. You are in control of advancing through the slides so you can stop at any point and return at a later time.

You can go through all the lessons in about 6 hours. Do it in a day or spread it over your three months of access. Go through quickly or slowly, repeat a lesson - it's all up to you!

You’ll hear stories from real parents demonstrating how to use these techniques. You’ll see pictures of kids misbehaving and learn how parents can successfully handle the situation. You’ll increase your own skills by practicing the techniques while doing each lesson’s homework.

Find out more by watching this video:

mom and son talking

Can I get a certificate of completion after finishing the parenting class?

You can request a parenting class certificate of completion after completing the class. You'll need to answer a few questions about the class and then a certificate of completion can be printed.

You read more about how these classes fulfill different requirements:

Can I take this course on my iPad or smart phone (iPhone)?


Build positive, strong relationships with your children

If you want to feel respected and under control as a parent, then this parenting class is for you. It will give you the tools for parenting in a way that fosters honesty, kindness, responsibility and self-discipline in your children. Imagine having a peaceful home where your children are cooperative and pleasant. You can start making this a reality TODAY!

What options do I have for taking this parenting class?

You can take the 6-hour self-paced version or an 8-hour DANCE Parenting Class version. The DANCE Parenting Class includes a private call with the instructor and the ability to email questions to the instructor.