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Parenting With More Joy and Less Stress

You want to raise kids who are kind, cooperative and generally a joy to be around. Priceless Parenting is here to help.

Parenting looks easy right up until you have your own kids. That's when you find out how challenging parenting can be!

  • How do you respond to misbehavior?
  • What do you do when they won't listen?
  • What limits should you be setting?
  • How do you adjust your parenting style to your child's changing needs?
  • How can you replace yelling with calm, confident parenting?
Get the answers to these questions and more by taking a Priceless Parenting class!

Begin An Award-winning Online Parenting Class Today!

Priceless Parenting's classes have been recommended by counselors, lawyers and family therapists. You can read parenting class reviews from parents who have already completed a class.

These parenting classes incorporate the latest research in ways that touch both the head and the heart. Classes are designed for the ages of your children. You'll hear real life stories that make the ideas come alive. You'll be able to apply what you are learning immediately with your own kids.

Once you register for an online parenting class, you can start immediately. The classes take about 8 hours to complete. Go at your own pace. You will be invited to join a monthly group coaching call for the first three months. You will receive a certificate of completion at the end. All of this is included for $89.

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Would you like free parenting help?

You are welcome to use these free parenting resources:

Do you prefer learning from presentations with a group of parents?

Learning in-person or over Zoom is fun! These presentations are filled with ideas that can save your sanity and pave a path to a joyful family life. You can schedule a parenting presentation or a 6-week parenting class.

Would you like personal parent coaching?

You may have a parenting situation that is best discussed one-on-one. Parent coaching allows you to get immediate help on your current parenting challenges. You can learn more and schedule your personalized parent coaching.

Do you like reading parenting books?

There are some recommended books on parenting and books on sexuality that can help you with raising your kids.

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