Priceless Parenting Middle Childhood Class - Ages 6 to 12

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Parenting is one of the most challenging jobs you'll ever have. Your children are experiencing the excitement of growing up, while you're trying to figure out how to handle your own emotions and give them the tools they need to grow into happy, healthy teens.

Are you tired of yelling at your kids?

Would you like to learn how to calmly respond when you are feeling angry or frustrated?

Do you want to use your authority as a parent in positive ways to set healthy limits for your kids?

Would you love to connect heart-to-heart with your child instead of butting heads?

Do you dread coming home from work because your kids are already misbehaving? Do you wish you had a peaceful, happy place to come back to at the end of a long day?

If so, you are in the right place! Priceless Parenting Middle Childhood Class for Ages 6 to 12 will teach you positive parenting skills from some of the top experts and researchers around. Pay only $89 for this 11-lesson, self-paced course. That's less than one hour of counseling! Plus, you'll get access to monthly group coaching calls and earn a Certificate of Completion for an 8-hour class. You'll even get permission to share the course with your spouse or partner!

Learn how to replace yelling with appropriate consequences, respond when you're feeling angry or frustrated, positively use your authority to set healthy limits, and connect heart-to-heart with your child. You'll be able to think on your feet when the struggles happen and not just react.

The result? Raising kids who become awesome teens.

What will I learn in this parenting class?

You love your children. You work hard to provide them healthy food and a happy home. You try to teach them right from wrong. You know you need to set limits on inappropriate behavior.

You have all the right ingredients and yet sometimes your interactions with your kids don’t live up to your expectations. There’s too much yelling and stress – not enough fun and enjoyment. When you’re in the middle of it all, it’s hard to figure out what needs to change so there’s less conflict and more cooperation.

This class will help you fine tune your approach to bring out the best in your kids. You'll find answers to questions like:

  • “How should I respond when my child is disrespectful?”

  • "My children rarely get their chores done without being nagged. What can I do?"

  • “How can I discipline without yelling?”

  • “What should I do when my children are fighting with each other?”

  • "Homework is such a battle with my kids. What should I do?"
You'll hear real life parenting problems and learn ways to solve those problems. Since one approach won't work for every child, you'll learn multiple ways to handle situations.

What You'll Receive:

  • 11 self-paced parenting lessons
  • 3 months unlimited access (you can request more time if needed)
  • Permission to share course with spouse or partner
  • Invitation to attend optional monthly group coaching session for 3 months via Zoom with parenting expert, Kathy Slattengren, M.Ed.
  • Invitation to join private Facebook group for parenting support
  • Certificate of Completion for an 8-hour class upon finishing the course and filling out a questionnaire
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Recommended by lawyers, psychologists, social workers and parents!

We love hearing from the people who have taken this parenting class! Here is what some of them have said ...

5 gold stars"The Priceless Parenting course I participated in has taught me a variety of techniques that can help eliminate the difficulties in getting your children to eat dinner, do their chores, or not cause a scene in the grocery store without having to raise your voice and overwhelm yourself. I have been using these techniques with a seven year old boy with severe ADHD and it has helped him to do his chores more willingly and has also helped make dinner time less of a hassle."
- Austin Gormley, Garney Valley, PA

5 gold stars"This is where my "thank-you" comes in. Those words are really not adequate to describe what going through the 11 lessons of your course have meant to us. My husband and I have a very wonderful relationship, and we found ourselves very much enjoying the discussions between the two of us that your lessons prompted. I can tell you that there were countless "ah-ha" moments when we would see ourselves in situations you would describe."
- Debie and Ray Hansen, Chattanooga, TN

5 gold stars"From this course I learned some communication techniques and relationship skills that for sure work with children -- as well as with everyone else, because they are based on common elements of positive approaches, encouragement, genuine listening and heartfelt human connection. Given that this is the second course in the series that I have taken, I look forward to the next one when the time comes! In addition, I am recommending the course to others who want to be the best parents possible. Thanks a lot for offering this course!"
- Melissa Stone, Takoma Park, MD

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What topics are covered each parenting lesson?

Below are some of the things you will learn in each of the 11 parenting lessons.

Lesson 1: Raising Your Children
check mark Identifying positive parenting approaches that work well
check mark Understanding developmental milestones from 6 to 12-years-old
check mark Handling challenging behavior

Lesson 2: Controlling Your Reaction
check mark Understanding what's going on in your children's brains when they are stressed
check mark Helping your child calm down and learn emotional regulation
check mark Wording requests to your children positively rather than negatively

Lesson 3: Learning From Experience
check mark Helping your children learn from their mistakes
check mark Protecting your children
check mark Guiding your children in working through school problems

Lesson 4: Guiding Their Behavior
check mark Providing guidance without trying to control too much
check mark Setting appropriate limits around TV, digital devices and video games
check mark Discussing friendship issues and sexuality

Lesson 5: Handling Inappropriate Behavior
check mark Relying on discipline rather than punishment
check mark Finding effective ways to handle problems like sibling rivalry, complaining, not listening
check mark Responding to disrespectful behavior

Lesson 6: Learning To Make Decisions
check mark Guiding your children in thinking through their decisions
check mark Responding to your children lying
check mark Giving your kids an allowance and control in deciding how they can spend it

Lesson 7: Avoiding Power Struggles
check mark Avoiding arguments and power struggles
check mark Handling situations where your children try to negotiate everything
check mark Reacting to your children's misbehavior in ways that are ultimately helpful, not hurtful

Lesson 8: Choosing Consequences
check mark Determining reasonable, valuable consequences for misbehavior
check mark Allowing your children to experience natural consequences
check mark Helping your children learn from their mistakes

Lesson 9: Initiating Problem Solving
check mark Finding solutions to ongoing problem behaviors
check mark Helping your children see a situation from someone else's perspective
check mark Using family meetings to improve situations

Lesson 10: Doing Chores
check mark Finding age appropriate chores
check mark Choosing chores and tracking their completion
check mark Understanding the difference between chores and personal tasks

Lesson 11: Parenting Your Best
check mark Recovering from difficult parenting situations
check mark Paying attention to your children's good behavior
check mark Having more fun and less stress with your children

When can I start this parenting class? How long does the class take?

The class can be started immediately. Each lesson covers a few key parenting concepts using narrated slides. Some lessons also include videos. You are in control of advancing through the slides so you can stop at any point and return at a later time.

You can go through all the lessons in about 8 hours. Do it in a day or spread it over your three months of access. Go through quickly or slowly, repeat a lesson - it's all up to you!

You’ll hear stories from real parents demonstrating how to use these techniques. You’ll see pictures of kids misbehaving and learn how parents can successfully handle the situation. You’ll increase your own skills by practicing the techniques while doing each lesson’s homework.

Find out what the class is like by watching this 4 minute video explaining this parenting class for ages 6 - 12.

Can this course by taken on an iPad or smart phone?

Yes! Any device that has a browser will work.

Is there a certificate of completion after finishing the parenting class?

Yes, you will receive a parenting class certificate of completion after completing the class. You'll need to answer a few questions about the class and then a certificate of completion can be printed.

You read more about how these classes fulfill different requirements:

If you want to feel respected and under control as a parent, then this parenting class is for you. It will give you the tools for parenting in a way that fosters honesty, kindness, responsibility and self-discipline in your children. Imagine having a peaceful home where your children are cooperative and pleasant. Start making this a reality today!

Purchase The Parenting Class for Ages 6 - 12

Yes! I want to sign up. I understand that I will get:

  • 11 self-paced parenting lessons
  • 3 months unlimited access (you can request more time if needed)
  • Permission to share course with spouse or partner
  • Invitation to attend optional monthly group coaching session for 3 months via Zoom with parenting expert, Kathy Slattengren, M.Ed.
  • Invitation to join private Facebook group for parenting support
  • Certificate of Completion for an 8-hour class upon finishing the course and filling out a questionnaire

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