Earn a Certificate of Completion for Online Parenting Classes

After you finish your online parenting class, you can print a certificate of completion. First you'll need to answer a few questions about what you learned in the class and then a certificate of completion can be printed.

Will this parenting class fulfill a court, adoption or foster parent requirement?

For anyone required to take parenting classes, the Priceless Parenting class can fulfill this requirement if the organization requesting the class allows for online classes. If you are court ordered to take a parenting class and aren't sure if this online class will qualify, please check with your lawyer or social worker.

How can my partner and I both get a certificate?

There are two ways this can work:
  1. When you register, put both your names in the “First Name” field and then enter your last name. The certificate will print out in both your names. This is a good option if you share the same last name.
  2. When you have completed the course, print out the certificate in the name you registered under. Email us to request a certificate in the other person’s name.

What does the certificate look like?

This is an example of a Priceless Parenting Class Certificate of Completion:

parenting class certificate

Priceless Parenting's Online Parenting Classes

  • 11 self-paced parenting lessons
  • 3 months unlimited access (you can request more time if needed)
  • Permission to share course with spouse or partner
  • Invitation to attend optional monthly group coaching session for 3 months via Zoom with parenting expert, Kathy Slattengren, M.Ed.
  • Invitation to join private Facebook group for parenting support
  • Certificate of Completion for an 8-hour class upon finishing the course and filling out a questionnaire