Reviews of Priceless Parenting Classes

Are parenting classes worth it? Absolutely! Read what these parents who have taken one of Priceless Parenting's online parenting classes have to say:

5 gold stars "I'm in awe of how well the course is assembled. It was far above my expectations and learned more than I ever realized I would as a parent of 5 kids and been parenting for many years. I never imagined a simple course like this could teach me how wrong my approach to parenting using discipline and anger or frustration has been. It has been a long time since I have laughed and cried at what I have done wrong or right as a parent. I realize a whole new world of positive parenting and guiding my children with options and empathy using patience and love for my children as well as myself." - John Bramlett, Enumclaw, WA

5 gold stars "I learned more from this online course (ages 6 - 12) than I did from three months of weekly in-person group parenting classes." - Brandon Tompkins, Toledo, OH

5 gold stars "This course brought tears to my eyes a few times, hit me upside the head with an AHA THERE IT IS! moment, & made me laugh realizing how many tactics I already know but haven't been using as much as I should! Kathy truly put together an excellent program here. I bought this out of personal need & am glad I found it! Lessons are easy to understand & relate to, homework is simple enough to employ & I see results!!!! I'll be back for the other 2 courses when time comes." - Sadie Rayne, Whitehall, MI

5 gold stars “Priceless Parenting’s class not only taught me how to become a better parent, it taught me how to become a better person. The life lessons in this course are invaluable and should be recommended to all parents, new and seasoned. I thought I knew what it meant to be a dad, but there were so many opportunities for my personal growth. Thank You Priceless Parenting!” - John Cruz, Billings, MT

5 gold stars "From this course I learned some communication techniques and relationship skills that for sure work with children -- as well as with everyone else, because they are based on common elements of positive approaches, encouragement, genuine listening and heartfelt human connection. Given that this is the second course in the series that I have taken, I look forward to the next one when the time comes! In addition, I am recommending the course to others who want to be the best parents possible. Thanks a lot for offering this course!” - Melissa Stone, Takoma Park, MD

5 gold stars "I thoroughly enjoyed Priceless Parenting (Ages 0 to 5) and have gained confidence as a parent in completing it. I say this as a trained educator who's studied learning theory and taught preschool, middle school, and high school. The class is very well researched, structured, and comprehensive. The examples, organization of material, and mountains of additional supplemental material were fantastic. I have already recommended this class to other parents I know and will continue to do so. Highly recommended. Kathy Slattengren was also quick to respond a request I had and even offers complimentary group coaching with the class. If you're looking for a good parenting class, then look no further. I also say this as someone who usually dislikes online classes! This is a good stuff that you can sign up for without regrets." - Joshua Farris, The Dalles, OR

5 gold stars "Truly appreciate this course. It’s delivery of the information was amazing. I have ADHD and the short sets of classes were perfect for me. Also was able to take course while still managing life and motherhood. Thank you." - Amanda Lewis, New Braunfels, TX

5 gold stars "This course has taught me to be more positive and empathetic when dealing with my children. As a result our relationship has improved a great deal." - Luis Morales, Plant City, FL

5 gold stars "This course helped tremendously, Both my children were having a rough time dealing with our parental decision to split up. I found this course helped me rearrange my thinking and communications with my three and five year old. Thank you so much!" - Riley Smith, Temecula, CA

5 gold stars "This course has really changed the thought process I had when it came to discipline. It’s opened up a positive interaction with my kids, so that not only that they respond well but that I can become closer to them." - Juan Macias, Fayetteville, NC

5 gold stars "Parenting expert Kathy Slattengren and Priceless Parenting teaches us to be better mentors to our show them that we love them unconditionally, to protect them, and to guide them to become happy, healthy, and productive stewards of our planet and advocates for positive change during these turbulent times." - Lea Katrina Carsrud, Clovis, CA

5 gold stars "I loved this course!! Would recommend it to anyone looking for insight on a having a more peaceful family. This class not only helps you learn techniques to raise a happier child but a happier you. - Jeremy Haynes, Fosston, MN

5 gold stars "It's a great course and should be mandatory for all parents. This is information that could change the world, one family at a time."
- Diane Barackman, San Dimas, CA

5 gold stars "As a mother of 3 and a military husband Priceless Parenting gave me a refreshing outlook on parenting, updated my skills and talents in logical and resourceful ways, and allowed me to be the best parent I can be for all ages. Thank you!" - Shannon Ritter, Virginia Beach, VA

5 gold stars "This parenting class was extremely informative and interesting. I found it easy to understand, and I loved the real-life examples included. I'd recommend this course to anyone. It's truly been helpful to myself and my family!" - Amanda Mullins, Defiance, OH

5 gold stars"This course should be required to taken by every new parent, or even people thinking about having children, in order to be allowed to truly be a parent. Thank you immensely for this new educational experience!" - Zahid Peoples, Oakland, CA

5 gold stars "As a mom of 4, I didn't think I needed to take this class, and after completing it I am so thankful and appreciative for what I've learned. I guess I had gotten so used to the way things were that I forgot the simplest of things. Thank you for giving me insight on some of the little things that really do matter.” - Melissa Walther, Eatonville, WA

5 gold stars "My name is Timothy J. Burrows; I am a father of two well behaved little boys and I serve in the United States Navy. As far as I am concerned this is a great course to become a better parent."

5 gold stars "This course has some great ideas to redirect the parent's way of thinking to help get on the child's level to come up with a common language the whole family can understand and will make life run more smoothly. The platform of the course made it easy to learn during commutes on the bus and while children were in bed." - Samantha Rausch, Glendale, AZ

5 gold stars "I am happy with the way it was easy to follow, uncomplicated, and has given me some good ideas that I have implemented in my son's life."
- Declan Kenny, Melbourne, Australia.

5 gold stars "I really enjoyed the course and the fact that it focused on positivity and empathy! It is full of useful information that is founded on research. Since taking the course, I feel that I am a better parent and have many more tools in my parenting tool box." - Chris Johns, Smoaks, SC

5 gold stars "I've always believed the adage 'children don't come with instruction manuals' until I found this course. Thank you!" Dorothy Triesch, San Marcos, TX

5 gold stars "I love this parenting class it has taught me a lot and now my kids listen a lot better now. My house is a happier home." - Jennifer Trusty, Defiance Ohio

5 gold stars "This is probably the best course out there on parenting. PERIOD!"
- Derek Howell, San Diego, CA

5 gold stars "Extremely thorough and well-thought out course. Touches upon so many necessary components including ones that may be uncomfortable to talk about, however those may be the most crucial of all." - Tasha Kaufman, Los Angeles, CA

5 gold stars "This was an eye-opening series for dealing with teenagers. The lessons draw from a myriad of experts' guidelines and recommendations. My wife and I enjoyed taking the course together and look forward to continuing to apply the concepts we learned with our teenagers." - Brad and Shu Mei Iverson, Syracuse, UT

5 gold stars "This is an easy to follow course. I enjoyed and learned much about different techniques I had not previously thought of. I really liked and chose this course over others because the course was designed for my daughter's specific age range." - Guadalupe Feliciano, Los Angeles, CA

5 gold stars "It is truly a miracle how changing the way you talk to your children can make such a difference. Both of my kids, 2 yrs and 4 yrs, are so much more willing to do what I ask them to do." - Kimberly Sacry, Bozeman, MT

5 gold stars "It is wonderfully made - very informative and educational. Definitely showed me where my weaknesses are and how to change them to invite a more positive response. The constant struggle caused frustration only to see both of us stressed and frustrated. I like the self-paced program for those of us who do not work a normal set work schedule. It fits in better than weekly in person meetings that are hard to make. Definitely worth the time and money to learn how to communicate and listen to your child while setting clear boundaries." - Brandon Krogh, Newman, CA

5 gold stars "I think the tools and 'no nonsense' approach will be so beneficial to my kids. I'm moving from a place of power to a place of influence that will last a lifetime." - Judy Steckman, Bend, OR

5 gold stars "This is an extremely beneficial and meaningful course that will increase the quality of your family (parents and children) as well as shape your children in a most healthy and joyous way! It is about creating happy, healthy, and wholesome lives and relationships. It is very direct and applicable and will give you so many tools for success that will change your life!"
- Jeannie Schuetze, Canton, GA

5 gold stars "These classes are certainly life changing! What a great tool this is to get to the point and put it to work in my life. Thank you. " - Debbie Martinez, Defiance, OH

5 gold stars "I had to take this course for my adoption process. I also have a young son already and wish I had received this information about a year ago! " - Emma Enneking Batesville, IN

5 gold stars "The Priceless Parenting class is an excellent resource for individuals and couples in any stage of parenting. The ideas presented in the class are great for new parents or parents of any age child that are looking for new parenting ideas." - Adam and Pam Smith, St. Louis, MO

5 gold stars "I think this course is terrific. It is very informative and structured in a positive friendly way. I am able to apply everything I have learned towards my kids and our blended family, and receive a much appreciated outcome. Thank you very much! I am looking forward to taking more classes." - Denisesha Gibb, Juneau, AK

5 gold stars "I was suggested to take a parenting class from the courts during a custody battle and I am what I believe is a good parent. I honestly kind of dreaded the monotony of an unnecessary class. This class is a good one. With good advice and parenting tips I will be using some of the classes ideas and suggestions in my day to day routine now. Even though I had an issue with the payment going through, the customer service was 100% amazing!!! I called the number and had my issue resolved within 5 min of talking (not an automated system, I didn't know that talking directly to a person was still a thing LOL)" - Duane Matteson II, Atlanta, GA

5 gold stars "This class is exceptional. Very detailed, informative, and helpful. 100% recommended for any parent!" - Matthew McWade, Colorado Springs, CO

Priceless Parenting's Online Parenting Classes

Join our online parenting classes to enhance your skills and earn a parenting class certificate of completion. Our comprehensive courses offer:
  • 11 self-paced parenting lessons
  • 3 months unlimited access (you can request more time if needed)
  • Permission to share course with spouse or partner
  • Invitation to attend optional monthly group coaching session for 3 months via Zoom with parenting expert, Kathy Slattengren, M.Ed.
  • Invitation to join private Facebook group for parenting support
  • Certificate of Completion for an 8-hour class upon finishing the course and filling out a questionnaire