Resources for Calm, Confident Parenting - Kids Ages 13 to 18

Below are additional resources for each week of this class:

Week 1. Preparing your teen to successfully launch

TED Talk on Teen Brain Development by Sarah-Jayne Blakemore

Dr. Bruce Perry's explanation of brain changes in response to trauma and understanding children's challenging behavior based on their brain development.

Week 2. Understanding parenting styles and how they affect your teen

When his two teenage sons started making too many risky choices, Dan Post decided to have them work on a presentation together. The goal of this presentation was to help them understand the potential serious consequences of crossing certain boundaries. He created a video of how he intended to help keep them safer with "bungee cord parenting".

Week 3. Anger and consequences versus empathy and solutions

TED Talk on The Power of Vulnerability by Brené Brown

Week 4. Turning power struggles into mutual agreements

Dr. Ross Greene's explains his philosophy on children's behavior.

Example of vice principal using collaborative problem solving incorrectly and correctly

Week 5. Successfully handling crucial conversations with teens

Resources for handling difficult conversations

Week 6. Guiding teens to staying safe online and in-person

Resources for parenting digital kids

Books Mentioned