Living Your Family Values

What are your deepest held values? If you had to choose your five most important moral values, what would they be?

Your values drive the choices you make. Your kids will learn what you value from what you do more than what you say. What are your kids learning from watching you? Kids can help inspire you to be your best.

Likewise, you can help bring out the best in your kids. Everyone is capable of incredibly loving behavior and devastatingly cruel behavior. How do you teach your children about tipping the scale towards good rather than evil?

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What Are your family's top 5 moral values?

moral values examples

How can you live your values daily?

Love - Living Our Values Everyday

How can you inspire kindness in your family?

No act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted.

What helps your kids choose good over evil?

two wolves

How can you encourage generosity in your kids?

Greed or Generosity

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