Effective Parenting Classes: Boost Your Parenting Skills Today!

Do you want more fun and less stress with your kids? These award-winning parenting classes will show you how!

Parenting is a lot easier when you know how to calmly handle the daily challenges. You can pave a path to more joy in your family! You're worth it. Your kids are worth it.

Many parents who take these parenting classes regret not taking them sooner. While it's never too late to take a parenting class, the younger your kids are the easier it is to get them headed in the right direction.

Thousands of parents have improved their parenting by implementing ideas from these parenting classes. You can read how they benefited from the parenting classes in their reviews. Here is what one mom had to say after completing two of the parenting classes:

parenting class parent review

It can be hard to find parenting classes that are near where you live and fit your schedule. These on-demand parenting classes are available for you to take when and where you want. The classes also include three group coaching calls so you can get your questions answered.

Online Parenting Classes for Different Ages

Click a picture below to get detailed information about that online parenting class. If your kids span more than one age group, we recommend taking the parenting class for your oldest child's age.

Priceless Parenting Toddler, Preschooler Class - Ages 0 to 5

Priceless Parenting Middle Childhood Class - Ages 6 to 12

Priceless Parenting Teen Class - Ages 13 to 18

Earn a Certificate of Completion

Each online parenting class takes about 8 hours to complete. Your certificate of completion will list the name of your class, your name, the date and say "This class satisfies a total of 8 continuing education hours in Child Guidance / Parenting".

Click a link below to learn more for the type of credit you need: