Parenting Books - Raising Kids from Babies to Young Adults

The parenting books below are organized by ages, general issues and special issues. There is also a separate page with books on sexuality which can be helpful in educating your children about their bodies, sex, love and relationships.

If you'd rather take a parenting class than read a book, those are also available and can be started immediately.

General Parenting Books

The parenting books listed below are helpful across multiple children's ages.


Parenting Babies

Tremendous growth and change happens the first few years of your baby's life. These parenting books can help you navigate through these early years.


Parenting Toddlers and Preschoolers

Once your child is walking, you'll be kept busy keeping your little one safe and providing guidance. You are helping them learn how to behave in this world. These parenting books provide ideas on how to approach various challenges and help your child learn.


Parenting Teens

The teen years provide new challenges as your children grow ever more independent. While your teens may feel they no longer need your guidance, they still need your loving support. These parenting books contain maps to help you navigate these teenage years.


Parenting Adult Children

Parenting does not end at age 18! Once your children are adults, the parenting relationship changes and yet you will always be their parent. These parenting books can help you make the switch to your new role.


Developing Social and Emotional Skills

The books below are helpful if your child is struggling with friends, anxiety, being sensitive or more intense than most kids.


Special Issues - ADD, Health Challenges, Sensory Differences, Puzzling Behavior

Raising children who are not neurotypical requires creativity and adaptation. These parenting books can help you understand how to best support your child.