How do you feel your parenting is going?

This quiz will help you reflect on what is going well and what may need to change. There is no judgement. Your answers are not stored or sent anywhere.

Click the number that best represents your answer to the questions. At the end, click the Calculate My Score button to see your results.

How often do your kids listen to you the first time?

Do you ever nag your kids to get their chores or homework done?

What's the overall tone of your home?

What's the best way to encourage your kids to behave?

At the end of a typical day with your kids, how do you feel?

What's your natural response when your kids misbehave?

Do your kids treat you with respect?

How do you feel about your kids' teen years?

Who is running your household?

How much screen time do your kids have each day?

When you ask your kids to turn the TV or digital device off, what is their typical response?

How do you feel about your kids choice of friends?