Improving Kids' Relationship Skills

Your kids' relationships are key to their happiness. As your kids grow up, they will learn how to make friends and how to be a good friend. They will learn how to apologize and make amends for their mistakes. They will learn to resolve conflicts.

You play a foundational role in your children's developing social skills. You are their first teacher. Your relationship with your child sets the stage for their other relationships.

Below are articles discussing how you can help your kids improve their relationship skills. Click a picture to read the article.

How can you help your kids make and keep good friends?

Signs of a True Friend

What do kids need to learn about fitting in and finding friends?

Fitting In Versus Belonging

How can you help your kids resolve conflicts?

Conflict Solving Process

What relationship skills do kids need to develop to succeed?

Relationships Diagram

How can you teach your kids to give heartfelt apologies?

Apologizing, Saying You are Sorry

How can I get more parenting information?

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