Ready to Launch: Parenting Teens Through the College Transition

Learn how to guide your teens from high school to college, launch them into their first adulthood, and prepare for your second!

“Remember teaching your five-year old to ride a two-wheeler? Launching them from high school to college is a lot like that - knowing when to pull, when to push, when to take your hand off the back of the seat, and what to do when they fall.”
   -- Jane Adams, Ph.D.

Build positive, strong relationships with your teens as they become young adults

After spending 18 years intensely involved in day-to-day parenting, you’re entering a new stage of life, one in which the roles, rules and opportunities are different for both you and your teenager. What’s similar, though, are the psychological issues you’re both confronting. While they’re getting ready to leave home, you’re trying to figure out how to let them. While they’re figuring out who they will be without you, you’re wondering who you’ll be without them.

Meanwhile, their emerging adulthood is stirring old dreams, new fantasies, and forgotten fragments of the person you were before you were their parent. Keeping them on track without losing your own balance during the most challenging time in family life isn’t easy.
The transition between high school and college has a huge impact on both teens and their parents. Anticipating these changes and understanding common challenges can make the transition easier.

This course is designed to help parents smoothly navigate these launching years. Since this parenting course is available completely online, you can take it wherever you are, whenever you have the time.

Who we are and why we created this course

Jane Adams, Ph.D., is a writer, speaker, coach and social psychologist whose several best-selling books focus on personal and psychological growth. An expert on parenting adult children, her essays and articles have appeared in major newspaper and magazines; she is a frequent media commentator who’s appeared on Today, Good Morning America, and the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Jane Adams
Kathy Slattengren. M.Ed., is an internationally recognized, inspirational parent educator and founder of Priceless Parenting. Priceless Parenting is dedicated to helping parents learn critical skills needed for effectively responding to their children’s behavior while maintaining close, loving relationships. Her graduate degree in education combined with her previous studies in psychology and computer science enabled her to create this successful online education platform for parents.

Kathy Slattengren

What will I learn in the Parenting Through the College Transition class?

These are a few of the things you’ll learn:
  • Understanding developmental tasks of late adolescence
  • Anticipating emotional changes triggered by the college transition
  • Appreciating changing roles of all family members
  • Navigating between the senior year of high school and the first year of college
  • Providing guidance without telling teens what to do
  • Respecting changing boundaries
  • Considering possibilities other than immediately going to college
Find answers to questions like:
    “How much help should I give my teen in applying to colleges?”
    “What are some signs my teen is or is not ready for college?”
    “How can I determine if a college is a good match for my teen?”
    “What should I do when my college student calls me complaining and wanting to drop out?”
You can also read details on the topics covered in each lesson.

What if they’re not going to college right away?

Your teen may be talking or thinking about taking a “gap year” or longer before enrolling in college. This course offers specific tools for parents to help them help their kids create a positive alternative – a structure, experience or environment that will further their intellectual and emotional growth, teach them practical skills for living in the real world, and continue to accomplish the developmental tasks of emerging adulthood – even if they’re still under your roof.

What can this course teach me that a college admissions counselor can’t?

Many parents engage private counselors to help them and their teenagers navigate the admissions maze, and maybe you will, too. But while a counselor focuses on the logistics of getting them into college, this course will help you navigate the emotional challenges of parenting through the trickiest transition in personal, marital and family life.

While going to college is an expensive business, so is getting in. Application fees range upwards of $100, and counselors’ rates start there. At $59, Parenting Teens Through the College Transition is a bargain!

Register for the course safely and securely through PayPal. Take it completely online – the password you receive with your paid registration allows you easy and repeated access to the course for three months.

Is there a brochure that I can give parents?

Yes, you can view or print out a brochure for the class. Feel free to pass the brochure along to anyone who may be interested.

What is it worth to be able to spend your teen's last year at home without nagging or arguing about what will happen next year? Priceless!

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