Co-Parenting Children After Separation or Divorce

family being separated

Going through a separation or divorce is certainly difficult; when kids are involved it is even more challenging. One key to regaining structure under the new circumstances is to document which parent has responsibility for the children on a daily basis including holidays.

Documenting a Basic Parenting Plan

A written co-parenting plan is essential for keeping parents on the same page. The co-parenting plan should include:

  • The children's names, date of birth and social security number or id number
  • The weekly, weekend, holiday and vacation schedules
  • How the exchange of children will happen
  • How decisions regarding the children will be made
  • How children's activities will be coordinated
You can look at Oregon's Basic Parenting Plan for an example.

Your state or province will have legal requirements regarding child custody, child support and parenting plans. For example, Washington State has a set of parentage documents that unmarried parents can use for things like establishing a parenting plan or child support.

Showing Kids Where They Will Be Each Day

It can help kids to have a printed weekly chart showing where they will be each day. This chart can also include details like who will be giving them a ride to various activities.

Parenting Classes for Divorcing Parents

Many courts require parents to take parenting classes. If your court accepts online classes, you can take an excellent online parenting class starting today. Choose the class that best fits the ages of your kids:

After completing the 8 hour class, you will receive a certificate of completion.

If you need to take an instructor led course, call 425-770-1629 for more information.

The Up To Parents website offers articles and videos specifically for parents who are in the processing of divorcing or are divorced.

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