Online Parenting Class - Ages 13 to 18 Lessons

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Raising Your Teens
Finding parenting approaches that work best with teens. Understanding developmental and brain changes that are happening in your teen. Guiding your teen to successfully launching after high school.

Controlling Your Reaction
Understanding what's going on in your teens' brains when they are stressed out. Responding with empathy rather than anger to your teens. Wording requests to your teen positively rather than negatively. Continually giving your teens more control over their life decisions.

Learning From Experience
Allowing your teens to learn from their own experiences. Helping your teens avoid serious mistakes. Addressing problem behaviors from driving to fast to getting homework done.

Guiding Their Behavior
Providing enough guidance for your teen. Setting appropriate limits around TV, computers and video games. Talking to your teen about pornography. Helping your teen solve difficult problems.

Handling Inappropriate Behavior
Understanding the difference between punishment and discipline. Responding to problems like sibling rivalry, complaining, not listening and disrespectful behavior.

Responding to Risky Behavior
Guiding your teen in thinking through important decisions around things like relationships, sex, drugs, drinking and driving, and other risky behaviors. Helping your teen avoid making a seriously bad decision.

Avoiding Power Struggles
Responding to your teens' behavior in a way that invites cooperation rather than rebellion. Avoiding arguments and power struggles.

Choosing Consequences
Determining reasonable, valuable consequences for misbehavior. Allowing your teen to experience natural consequences. Helping your teens learn from their mistakes.

Initiating Problem Solving
Finding solutions to ongoing problem behaviors. Helping your teens see a situation from someone else's perspective. Listening to your teens in a way that makes them feel heard. Using family meetings to address problems and improve situations.

Doing Chores
Deciding on chores and tracking their completion. Encouraging an attitude of pitching in to help out. Teaching your teens household tasks they will need to master to successfully launch into a place of their own.

Parenting Your Best
Paying attention to your teen's good behavior. Recovering from situations where you haven't parented in the way you would ideal like to parent. Guiding your teens to successfully launching on their own. Enjoying your teens.

Feedback and Request a Certificate of Completion
Provide your feedback on the class, answer a few questions and then receive your Certificate of Completion.