Books on Sexuality for Children of Different Ages

Parents have a responsibility to educate their children about their bodies, sex, love and relationships. However, this is not an easy topic for many parents. Below are some books that you may find helpful.

If you are concerned about the appropriateness of your child's sexual behavior, read the University of Washington's article Sexual Behavior and Children: When Is It a Problem and What To Do About It. If you suspect a child has been sexually abused, the RAINN organization provides guidance on how to respond to child sexual abuse.

You might also be interested in watching Dr. Sophia Yen's TEDx Talk "Making Periods Optional". The Pandia Health organization she founded provides birth control pills through an online process.

Books for Helping Parents Discuss Sexuality and Answer Kids' Questions

The books listed below will help you answer your kids' questions around sexuality, puberty and relationships.


Talking to Children About Appropriate Versus Inappropriate Touching

It is important to talk to your kids starting when they are young about good touch and bad touch. Kids who have this information are less likely to be sexually abused. Also when you read books like these to your children, they learn that you are a safe person to come to if they experience inappropriate touching.


Books for Understanding Bodies and Sexuality for Ages Under 8

Children are naturally curious about their bodies and other people's bodies. They also want to about how babies are made. These books can help you discuss these topics.


Sexuality and Puberty Books for Ages 9 - 12

Puberty typically begins in the pre-teen years. These books can help your kids prepare for the changes they will be experiencing. Unfortunately, many children in this age group are exposed to pornography. The Good Pictures Bad Pictures book and the Defend Young Minds site can help you navigate issues around pornography.


Sexuality and Dating Books for Ages 13 and Older

Teens are becoming more independent and developing closer relationships with their friends. These books can help them navigate relationships, dating and their sexuality.