Free Printable Charts for Kids

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Morning Routine Chart morning routine chart Bedtime Routine Chart bedtime routine chart Daily Chore Chart chores chart
This chart reminds children what needs to be done in the morning so you don't have to!

This chart reminds children what needs to be done at bedtime so you don't have to!
Now your kids won't forget their chores!
Positive Thinking Tools Positive Thinking Tools Name Your Feelings name your feelings Feelings Chart feelings faces chart
Help your kids turn their negative thinking around! Words for mild to intense feelings Use these faces to help your children identify different feelings.
Boredom Busting Activities boredom busting ideas Weekly Family Schedule family schedule Parent Time Chart who takes care of child each day
The next time your kids complain "I'm bored!" point them to their own Boredom Busting Activities list! For ideas from other kids, print out the Boredom Busting Activity Ideas. Keep your family organized by writing down your daily schedule.
For kids who split their time between parents, fill in this two week calendar to show them who they will be with each day.
Screen Time Tracking screen time tracking chart Family Internet Rules Family Internet Rules Too Much Screen Time Hurts Babies (English or Spanish ) Limiting Babies Screen Time
How much time do your kids spend on screens each day? Family internet rules so that everyone is on the same page. Why should screen time be limited for babies and toddlers?

Free Printable Documents for Parents

Babysitter Information information to leave for the babysitter Babysitter Interview Questions information to leave for the babysitter Parenting Vows

parenting vows to children
Fill out this form so your babysitter has all the essential information at the tip of her finger! What questions are you asking babysitters before hiring them? Here are some questions you might want to ask. These vows capture the promises parents make when welcoming a child into their lives.
Pledge to Never Hit Kids Pledge to Never Hit Kids Development Stages by Age Children's Developmental Stages Kids' Teeth Chart kids teeth chart
Sign this pledge stating that you will never hit kids. Spread the word that there is a better way! The developmental milestones for social, emotional, cognitive, language and movement areas for different ages. Your children can color the tooth they've lost and write down the date.

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