Learning Through Experimenting for Babies and Preschoolers

Did you know that young children think a lot like scientists?

        They make hypotheses.

        Do experiments. (sometimes on you!)

        Update their information based on the results.

        Run another test.

Babies and preschoolers are a lot like little scientists. They are excellent at creating a hypothesis and then testing it out against the evidence. They quickly learn from their experiments.

Discover how you can harness their natural curiosity in ways that encourage them to experiment. Pick up ideas from researchers and other preschool teachers for creating environments that engage children in ways that lead to learning.

What will I learn in this class?

The lessons in this course include:

  • Understanding recent research findings on how young children learn
  • Exploring various ideas for creating environments that encourage kids to experiment
  • Discovering how water and various household items provide opportunities to play and learn
  • Considering Psychologist Jean Piaget's stages of children's cognitive development and how children's own experimenting influence their thinking
  • Implementing ideas for allowing children to experiment within your own classrooms
This class is offered completely online and can be taken at your own pace. After registering, you have up to three months to complete the class.

What steps do I need to follow to receive my 2 hours of continuing education credit?

  1. Register and pay for the class.
  2. Complete all lessons and questions. Apply the concepts to your childcare environment.
  3. Complete a training evaluation form.
You will receive a certificate of completion for two hours in the Core Competency of Curriculum and Learning, Level 4.

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  • Ability to complete the class at my own pace with up to 3 months to do so
  • Interaction with the instructor through email if desired
  • A certificate of completion upon finishing the course

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