Top 10 Reasons for Taking a Priceless Parenting Class

Every parent runs into challenges along the way. This is why every parent needs an effective parenting approach that works for babies, preschoolers, elementary kids and teens. It needs to adjust easily to your child’s increasing capabilities. Taking parenting classes now can help you prevent serious problems later.

  1. Parenting is the most important job you'll ever have.

    To be successful at any job, it helps to learn from mentors who can provide wisdom and guidance. Priceless Parenting pulls together years of experience and research into easy to follow lessons.

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  2. Parenting is a lot more fun with the right tools.

    Priceless Parenting teaches positive parenting techniques that work extremely well. Parenting children is a lot more fun when you're not yelling, nagging and reminding!

  3. The sooner you start, the better off you'll be.

    It's definitely easier if you develop your parenting plan when your children are young; parents of babies are perfect for the Parenting Ages 0 - 5 class! However, even if you are parenting elementary age kids or parenting teens, it's never too late to take a class and learn ways of successfully interacting with them. Learning more effective parenting skills today will be priceless tomorrow!

  4. It's helpful to know that all parents struggle with similar problems.

    Although all children are unique, they all go through similar developmental stages and present similar challenges to their parents. Priceless Parenting includes solutions for common behavior problems like these:

  5. Natural reactions to misbehavior are not always the best.

    It's natural to feel angry when children misbehave. However, responding with anger can lead children to focus on your anger instead of their poor choice. Priceless Parenting teaches you how to change your response so your children can learn from their mistakes.

  6. Children continually change, grow and present new challenges.

    Many parents continue to use techniques that were appropriate when children were younger but now interfere with the child's personal growth. Priceless Parenting will help you learn how to adjust your approach as your child becomes more capable.

  7. Parenting is easier when both parents agree on the strategy.

    When parents have very different ideas about how to best handle their children, there can be a lot of added stress. Taking a parenting class can help you both get on the same parenting page.

  8. You will reap what you sow.

    Nowhere is this saying more profound than in parenting. If you are lucky, you will have rich, meaningful relationships with your children for your entire life. Priceless Parenting captures key ingredients for doing this in the book Raising Kids Who Blossom.

  9. You can take a parenting class at your pace from the comfort of your own home.

    Often parents have trouble attending all the sessions of a class due to work or childcare conflicts. Priceless Parenting offers completely online parenting classes and therefore provides the flexibility to learn whenever you have the time. Whether you live in Australia, Canada, England, California, Florida, Ohio or Texas, you can take one of these parenting classes!

  10. You can keep learning with us even when you've completed the course.

    Reading the Priceless Parenting blog and signing up for the monthly parenting newsletter will help you keep your skills fresh. There will also be opportunities to participate in phone meetings where we can discuss various parenting issues.

Online Parenting Classes

  • 11 self-paced parenting lessons
  • 3 months unlimited access (you can request more time if needed)
  • Permission to share course with spouse or partner
  • Invitation to attend optional monthly group coaching session for 3 months via Zoom with parenting expert, Kathy Slattengren, M.Ed.
  • Invitation to join private Facebook group for parenting support
  • Certificate of Completion for an 8-hour class upon finishing the course and filling out a questionnaire