Give a Priceless Parenting Class Gift Certificate

You can give the gift of a parenting class no matter where your recipient lives! The gift of parent education is a gift that continues to give for a lifetime.

The online parenting classes give parents the skills to:

  • Create a peaceful home where limits and consequences replace yelling and nagging
  • Teach children how to be responsible, respectful and solve problems
  • Raise children who can think for themselves and exert self-discipline
  • Choose appropriate consequences for inappropriate behavior
  • Prepare children for eventually leaving home and living on their own
Priceless Parenting’s classes incorporate the latest research in ways that touch both the head and the heart. Classes are designed for the ages of the children. You’ll find detailed information about the classes here:

Parenting Ages 5 and Under

Parenting Ages 6 to 12

Parenting Ages 13 to 18

There are 11 audio/video lessons in each class plus homework at the end of each lesson to try out what was just learned. The classes are $89.

To purchase a gift certificate, email us or call 1-425-770-1629.

Example Priceless Parenting Gift Certificate

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