Resources for Presentation: Healthy Use of Technology for Tots

Below are some resources mentioned in the presentation "Healthy Use of Technology for Tots".

Videos with Examples of Technology in Preschools

Technology Position Statement for Kids Ages 0 - 8 NAEYC and the Fred Rogers Center

Summer Bridges Program iPad Success in Preschool Education

Marli Hoffman at TEDxJohannesburgWomen discussing using technology with preschoolers

Flint Hill Preschool Program: Tech for Tots: How Young Is Too Young?

Smart boards with 2 and 3-year-olds in Minnetonka, MN schools

Using video with Smart Boards with preschoolers

Using Skype in preschool classroom to bring in outside speakers

Using Skype to translate between kids who speak different languages

Cosmic Kids Yoga - example story "Arnold the Ant"

Bee Bot - a class introduction

Using Bee Bot for literacy

Khan Academy Videos

You Can Learn Anything

Targeting preschoolers’ learning with Duck Duck Moose

Learning Math on Khan Academy

Learning about AT Words